Saturday, September 13, 2014

Collections are a Side-effect of Loving Vintage

When you start shopping around at estate sales and thrift stores for vintage and antiques to sell, you invariably find yourself starting various collections of things you love.

One of my many collections is the old Japan kitsch figurines from the 1950s and earlier.  Whenever I find one to add to my collection, I get this little thrill-chill inside and can't wait to put it on a shelf.

I have shelves full of them in no particular order:  (click on pictures to enlarge)

Most of all, I love the animals and children figures.  The colonial men and women pieces are not my favorite, but I have acquired a few.

Check back later for some individual pictures of my favorites.  Thanks for visiting.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Starting Into Vintage

Faceted Crystals Necklace, Vintage c1970

When I was younger and raising a family, there was no way I was going to pay for old furniture (antique).  I wanted everything brand new and spiffy clean.  This was my mindset until I reached the age of 60 and officially passed into vintage myself.

My start into vintage began with some of the beautiful rhinestone jewelry from the 1940-50s.  I bid and won several pieces on eBay.  Pretty soon, I had a drawer full of jewelry which, once I looked at it when it arrived, sat there in that dark drawer, mostly unappreciated.

Then, I was invited to do a flea/antique market and it was all over for me!  I became hooked on most things vintage within a short period of time after seeing all the beautiful items at these shows.  Now, my days are dedicated to finding and selling vintage and antique items, from vintage jewelry, art glass, pottery, kitchen, linens, primitives and more.  I can no longer do the physical shows due to my body's unwillingness to cart those heavy totes and my feet have let me know they do not like standing on concrete all day.

Vintage Nesting Glass Ashtrays, 1950s
Therefore, I opened a shop on Etsy:  Attic Dust Antiques.  I now spend my days sitting at my computer listing my vintage merchandise for sale (my feet and back are happy, though my "backside" seems to be spreading).  I also spend hours taking pictures and editing pictures.  I've learned so much about product photography through mostly trial and error.  It has been a process and lots of work.  Overall, I enjoy it immensely.

The pictures shown are a few of the listings in my shop.  A link directly to the shop is at bottom of this page.

Lefton Swan Cache Pot

Marjorie Baer Handcrafted Brooch

Florence Ceramics Girl Figurine Circa 1950s

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